Psychedelic shoot

My photoshoot for the Drake Magazine feature article about psychedelics.

When I initially saw that this topic was going to be a feature article for the Drake Magazine last fall, I was so excited to claim it as my project. This was my first time shooting for a feature where there would be a series of photos used for the story. I was so excited to get to shoot photos with models and play around with a different type of editing that was harder than I was used to. With that said, this shoot was definitely a challenge for me, but it was a really good challenge and I was very happy with my results.

The photoshoot did start off a little rough. The vision I had in my mind wasn’t transferring in person or on the camera the way I wanted it to and I was beginning to get a little flustered and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the end goal I had wanted. I tried several different poses with the models on their own and together and it wasn’t clicking right; I wasn’t getting that dreamy, hazy feel I needed in the photos.

During a little break we took to find more poses online, I was digging through my camera bag and found a set of lens covers I had tucked away. One of the lens covers was purple and so I decided to put that on the camera lens and see what happened. Right away, everything clicked together. The purple lens along with the soft glow of the sun made the entire photoshoot fall into place as well as it created that feel I had been looking for. When thinking about psychedelics and what to do for the shoot, I felt that color was important, and this lens cover got that color for me. The lens also allowed me to keep a common theme with editing in each photo.

The editing process was smooth and fun! I played a lot with color, photos I took off the internet and turned into filters, copy and past and opacity. I was very pleased and proud with how each photo turned out and how my vision was able to come to life. I absolutely love the color scheme and the calm, dreamy feel that popped from the photos. And, because of this experience, I have a new trick up my sleeve for any future photoshoots or projects I want to work on.

You can find article about psychedelics, The Light Side of the Moon, in the Drake Magazine Fall 2020 edition. You can also view some of these photos on my VSCO.

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