Outside the box.

a risk
so much more than what one thinks,
a risk is taking yourself apart
piece by piece
and allowing the world to carry
your vulnerability with the sky.
3/29/19 2:35 AM

Me, myself, and I.

maybe i need some time spent alone,
after all,
it’ll always just be
me myself and i.
6/29/18 3:16 PM

Mountain side

i climb
up the mountain
down the mountain
day to day.
the shock of it all is
i continue to have the strength
to climb back up and hike back down.
7/19/18 10:00 AM

When the clouds cry.

once again
it all comes crashing down
like a sudden storm
on a hot summer day
you run for cover
but the raindrops still soak your clothes.
6/25/19 12:25 PM